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Information of Oku-Kamikochi Yokoo Sanso

奥上高地横尾山荘 トップページ

Information of Yokoo Sanso

Yoko-o Sanso

Yoko-o Sanso is a popular base camp for a great number of mountain climbers and trekkers who are destined for Yarigatake Peak and Hotaka Mountain Range, and is located at inner-Kamikochi in the Chubusangaku National Park.

Yoko-o Sanso is 11 kilo meters (3hours/walk) from one of the most scenic spots “Kamikochi”.

Setting Yoko-o Sanso as the base camp, that enables easy access to over 3000 meters high mountains: Yarigatake Peak, Okuhotaka Peak and Kitahotaka Peak (6 to 7 hours/walk). Chougatake Peak with a magnificent view of Yari-Hotaka Mountain Range (3hours/walk). Unforgettable scenery of Japan Alps with beautiful snow, grand rocks and lovely Alpine flowers will be one of the best presents for you.

The renewal for the guest rooms has completed in 2008; regular guest room holds 8 guests (max) with 4 double-deck beds . Each compartment is partitioned by drapers, that keeps privacy and comfortable rest.

Guest room
Bath room

One big advantage for ours guests is the use of huge bathtub bathrooms(man and woman separated). Only the guests are allowed to enjoy the warm refreshment (not natural hot spring water) on the high altitude location from 16:00 to 20:00 every day.
Soaps or such kinds are not allowed to use for the environmental protection.
Dry-rooms and a lounge with TV weather forecast are also available.

Yoko-o Sanso opens from the end of April to the beginning of November according to the Chubusangaku National Park official opening schedule.

The best trekking season is from the end of July to the beginning of October; no snow on the route and beautiful red leaves in fall.

Reservation is required in order to enjoy your stay during the High-Season (July to October).

Reservation can be made a month before from 07:00 to 20:00 by direct telephone call to the Lodge.
Yoko-o Sanso +81-263-95-2421

Be aware of mountain weather change even in the summer!

Since the trekking courses above 3000meters are steep and narrow, expert technique is required in some area.

Yoko-o Sanso offers comfortable accommodation with delicious meals, however preparation of route maps, rain gears, water bottles and snacks is necessary for enjoyable experience.